Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Photos: Bride Walks Out On Groom On Wedding Day In Delta

A 41-year-old man, simply identified as Julius, is finding it difficult to understand why his “wife” abandoned her marital vows midway into their wedding, shouting “I am no longer interested,” at the wedding reception in Udu Local Government Area of Delta State.

All pleas by the bewildered husband at the popular Orhunwhorhun Road for the woman to reconsider her decision were to no avail.

Her close friend told Vanguard that she saw her true love at the reception venue and decided to follow her heartthrob. The incident took place on Saturday, October 29.

The would-be bride, Roseline, 32, has since disappeared into thin air and all efforts to trace her whereabouts had yielded no result at press time. It was a pandemonium as the wife ran out of the wedding reception and rejected her husband, saying “I am no longer interested,” forcing the wedding reception to end abruptly.

The dazed husband, guests and bridal train ran after Roseline, caught up with her at the popular Orhunwhorhun Road, where all pleas for her to reconsider her decision and return to the reception venue fell on deaf ears. A close female confidante of the woman, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Vanguard: “I believe she did what she did because she saw the previous man in her life at the reception. We heard that he had earlier promised to marry the bride, but he later travelled to Lagos and never showed up again.

“When the bride waited for a long time and he (former suitor) was nowhere to be found, she decided to marry another man, who was ready although she still loved her former suitor. “So when her true love showed up at the reception without notice, the woman saw him and decided to call it quits with her husband to follow her heartthrob.”

If you ask for my opinion, i will like to congratulate the man. He would have lived in a loveless marriage which would ruin him in all aspect of his life.
Even if the lady pretends to love him, he will still know from her reactions, because they won’t be genuine. And to the lady, she will always remain unhappy knowing her heart belongs somewhere else. They would have lived in hell. So it is better they parted ways before they both said I DO. I say congrats to both of them. Honestly, don’t insult me, it is the TRUTH.

Okay, let me tell you a true life story. When I was younger ( like 17) my friend’s elder sister who got married to a wrong guy because her parents won’t allow her marry the man she loved, lived in a loveless marriage. She kept telling us then, how she hates to see him return from work bla bla. And you know the truth? She was always using me and her younger sister as cover up each time she wants to leave the house to go and meet her then lover especially at weekends, because her lover trusted us (me and her younger sister, lol).

We were always in that ones flat as if that was her husband’s house. It was hell for her. Each time we live, she had cried and said, I am going back to hell (her matrimonial home), until one day she confronted her mom (she is late now) and told her, she has been sleeping with her ex and it’s all her fault. That it’s either she lets her leave that marriage and support her against her father or she will NEVER see her again. They begged her bla bla, she agreed again and returned to him. Fast forward to two years later, she left that man, went back to her lover, but it was almost late. The lover had already impregnated one lady (thinking he has lost her) but because their love was strong, he took her back despite the lady was heavily pregnant. When the lady put to bed, my friend’s sister mandated her new husband to take care of the child, they both did though. The child even lives with them now, from what i heard. You see, your love will always be your love o, lol.

Don’t go and buy love in the market, forget arranged love, find your own by yourself. Let him walk to you, or you walk to him, lobatan! Lol.

So you see why i congratulated this couple? Biko, the truth is bitter.


  1. Some people have food but can not eat, some can eatbut have no food. This life

  2. True @ Ladun. I feel bad for the man because he must have loved her

  3. May be she was forced to marry him

    1. Maybe... And planned with the guy that she would escape during the reception. She would have done that before she said I do....

  4. This is a serious issue but if we look at the advantage in the long run like Ladun said its better for the two of them

  5. dz is a serious matter o o

  6. Matters of heart sha