Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Popular Photojournalist, Yinka Adeparusi Is Dead

Popular photojournalist and video editor at Naij, Adeyinka Adeparusi is dead. Adeyinka was last seen alive around 1:00pm on Sunday, when he left his Abuja apartment saying, ‘I will be back’. His friends and family who have been trying to reach him since Sunday then declared him missing. A report was also made at a police station today.

After searching for him everywhere, they decided to check the morgues, and lo and behold, his body was found.

It was discovered that he had boarded a motorbike which got involved in an accident that killed him immediately.

Yinka was 37. He graduated from the Lagos State University, with double honours in Photojournalism and Cinematography. He has so many awars to his name. Such a painful lost. RIP


  1. What a painful loss! R.I.P Yinka.
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