Monday, November 21, 2016

Port Harcourt Church Attacked Over Free Education, Food

A Port Harcourt church, Omega Power Ministries (OPM) headed by Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere, has built a school in Port Harcourt and totally collects nothing from parents to educate their children. The school is opened to members of the church and non members and even sometimes give free food. In other to get more students, the church went on campaign and alas some people attacked some of the billboards splashed across the city. In reacting to the attack, the church took to its Facebook page to write this;


Sometime I laughed at the way evil men exhibit ignorant to their own detriment. Imagine an ordinary advocacy campaign advertorial sponsored by a church free school has became a source of sleepless night to those affected. They resulted to killing the messenger while the source of the message is still hearty and strong.
No wonder the Biblical Isaac continued to excel in Canaan when the enemy thought heaping stones in his well will frustrate his harvest and made him to quite digging more well. Hahahaha, I laugh again, because those behind the destruction of OPM billboards have not thought of the same campaign going on simultaneously in the Radio, TV, Newspapers and the social media which they can not stop. The more the devil push them into committing havoc against OPM the more the message goes viral. Be warned of the impending danger awaiting your evil actions. It will be greater than what you thought. “Church money should be used for the people, Church schools should be free, else pay tax to the Government to invest on the people”.

What is your take on this? Hmm


  1. The evil that men do

  2. So there is a church that really understands d bible in 9ja..still shocked... More grease to your elbow OPM...

  3. . “Church money should be used for the people, Church schools should be free, else pay tax to the Government to invest on the people”.
    I concur, totally! -centokoh

  4. Could it be the governemnt? Boko haram or muslims? Nawa

  5. U are indeed God sent . shame on all the churches owning expensive schools,and the funniest thing is that the same church members whoses tithe and offerings built that school cannot even afford the school fees

  6. This is where lack of integellince comes, am sure the attacks is due to the fact thay they see the church as their competitor.
    Well-done pastor