Thursday, November 10, 2016

Suicide Pact Couple Kissed Each Other Goodbye In Front Of Family After Taking Fatal Overdose

A couple took a secret overdose before kissing each other goodbye in front of their shocked family, an inquest was told today.

Michael Jones, 59, and his wife Lynette, 56, took their own lives at their home in Gloucester on May 16 this year.

The couple had been beset with a number of issues including Mr Jones being cleared by a jury of child sex allegations, the inquest heard.

They also suffered from illness, the loss of their home and family drug problems, the inquest also heard.

The couple's son Stephen, daughter Rachel and son-in-law Darren Bishop were in their flat in The Dukeries, Westgate, Gloucester, when the pair secretly took an overdose.

Gloucestershire senior coroner Katy Skerrett recorded a conclusion that both had taken their own lives.

The couple's daughter, Rachel Jones, said in a statement that during the evening her father said "a couple of things which I later realised were significant".

Rachel said: "He said, 'If something happens to me and your mum you've got the flat. You'll always have somewhere to live.'

"They went to bed about 12-12.30am. But they got up again at 1.45am and I made them a milky coffee. I didn't realise anything was wrong until dad couldn't get out of his chair.

"They then started kissing each other and saying goodbye. Darren called the ambulance straightaway.

"I asked mum if she had taken an overdose and she said 'yes.' Dad started to vomit.

"Mum said she'd had enough with family members doing her head in and she'd had enough of the drugs...

"They had been through a lot of difficult times with us. We have all had our own issues with drugs. Also, financial pressures have been on mum and dad.


  1. Ìs that how to end 🔚 problems

  2. What a waste. They don't need to say goodby because obviously the will still end up at the same place.

  3. No one has the right to take his or her life