Sunday, November 27, 2016

Support Knorr To Kick Iron Deficiency Out Of Nigeria

We all love good food right? Well, most of us do! In fact, Nigerians as a people are known for our love for good food... Yes, food is the one thing that connects us all. But hey, whatever meal choices, just make your food contains the right amount of iron especially for women and teenage girls.

Why am I hammering on iron intake? Well, I was shocked by a report I saw recently by the World Health Organisation (WHO), stating that, almost 1 in 2 women of reproductive age in Nigeria suffers from iron deficiency anaemia with 50% of these cases caused by lack of iron in the body.

The shocking thing is a lot of these people don’t even know that they are anaemic! With symptoms which include feeling exhausted despite sleeping sufficiently, cold when everyone else is comfortable or having strange cravings to eat items that aren't food, such as dirt, ice, or clay? It’s so easy to misinterpret iron deficiency with being weird especially in this clime where we seem to read meanings to everything.

It is heart-warming to know that Nigeria’s favourite seasoning brand, Knorr, has been at the forefront of educating Nigerian women and their daughters about iron deficiency.

Since the inception of its campaign tagged, ‘Knorr Green Food Steps, the brand has taken it upon itself to educate Nigerians on the need for iron enriched and nutritious meals.  The brand has been to different states across Nigeria reaching out to thousands of students, teachers, moms and guardians in Kogi, Benue, Nassarawa, Abuja etc.

During the campaigns, Knorr educated thousands of women and their teenage daughters on simple steps to tackle iron deficiency by teaching them to simply toss green leafy vegetables into every stew, stir it all together and crumble in iron enriched Knorr cubes, simple right!

Many of the mothers who benefitted from the initiative said they couldn’t thank Knorr enough for such a brilliant initiative which has not only opened the eyes but also help  to unite and bond with their teenage daughters in the kitchen by cooking together and ensuring that they follow in the Knorr Green Food Steps.

It’s time to kick iron deficiency anaemia out of Nigeria, join Knorr to propagate the news and together we can achieve a positive change in our nutrition, improve our health and livelihoods.

See some of the pictures from the induction event...