Monday, November 14, 2016

Trump & Putin Hold First Conversation, Vow New US-Russia Partnership

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump spoke for the first time on Monday night and vowed to establish a new relationship between the US and Russia based on "mutual respect", the Kremlin announced.

The Russian president and US president-elect agreed to "assess the current unsatisfactory state of bilateral relations", develop trade and economic ties and establish joint efforts to fight international terrorism.

Agreeing to stay in regular contact, and arrange a face-to-face meeting soon, Mr Putin wished Mr Trump "success in the implementation of the pre-election programme, and noted his willingness to build a partnership dialogue with the new administration on the principles of equality, mutual respect and non-interference in the internal affairs of each other".


  1. The election was for Trump to lose and Mrs Clinton to win but Putin being a master tactician and a former KGB operative made it possible for Trump to win the election.

    The Russians wrote computer codes which were sent to the most important voting machines in the most important states in USA that flipped Democrat's votes to become Republican's votes during the election and this was why Trump won the election.

    The Polls were tallied through the computers and Internet, and anything done through the computer/Internet is subject to interference by computer experts.

    Core Republicans were even shocked that Trump won this election because it was for him to lose this election as all polls indicated he was going to lose the election to Mrs Clinton.

    All this happened while Obama was sitting dumb, and not knowing what action to take.

    I knew all along that Obama is nothing but all swagger, and that Obama is nothing but all talk and no action. This past election just confirmed it.

    Obama is going to be known as an all swagger president who is not that smart as people were made to believe.

    Obama even appointed a republican to head the FBI. How could he have done that if not for lack of foresight and for some stupid shit.

    The post of the director of FBI is an important post which Obama gave to a die hard Republican who now used it to help Trump become the president elect. How wise was this?

    Mrs Clinton was cheated out of becoming the president elect by a foreign power and the director of FBI and that is not fair at all.

    Just prior to the election, there were reports that the Russians were going to interfere with the polls but as usual the FBI dismissed this report by claiming that no foreign power can interfere with USA polling result collation.

    The FBI claimed this while the Russians were busy hacking into the computer systems of the Democratic Party, and releasing damaging reports on the Clintons and some other Democratuc party leaders while leaving the Republican Party alone.

    What did the FBI do about this hacking? Nothing, except releasing some useless report that they were investigating it. Bull shit!

    I am so annoyed and at the same time sad.

    It is only fools that are going to believe that it wasn't the Russians under the leadership of Putin that chosed and made it it possible for Trump to emerge as the president elect of USA while Obama was just sitting down, looking into space because of not knowing what to do to prevent the Russians from "electing" Trump as the next president of USA.

    It is sad, so sad.

    Obama should not forget to close the door behind him as he leaves the office of the president of USA as he really messed up his own transition process, just like he messed up during one of the debates between him and Mrs Clinton while contesting against Mrs Clinton in the primaries that he won to become first time president of USA.