Thursday, November 10, 2016

Video! Nigerian Pastor Predicted Trump Victory But Says The Devil Wants To Use Him To Destroy The World

Watch the video and tell us if you see any sense in it. If you ask me, this might be true, and if you ask me again, it might not be true, but then to any deep thinker, forget evolution (that’s how it starts, it can never start with the world still very backward) Trump might not even be the man, he might just be a ‘starter’, prep things, loool. But the truth is just last week, i told my brother, i said, Dipo, If Trump wins, I WILL FEAR GOD MORE. I will make sure i never miss my prayers and totally devote my time to him. Because Trump winning can only be GOD. Even if some pastors are saying the devil put him there so he can use him to destroy the world, isn’t that still God? That’s how His words will come to pass. He has already said it, that’s how the world will end. But if you ask me, the world might not end in another 2000 years, and it might end tomorrow! Is Trump the man? Is he the man?? Lol Oh dear! Just watch the video below first, and ya’ll better start grabbing your Bibles. See, no time, and me want to see you all in heaven ooo, loool. Jesus loves us all.

N.B The one that concerns us is just the first min, loool.


  1. These black and white visions that hunger is causing is not going to do anyone good

    1. You are clearly lost

  2. Ladun so you know bible like this hmm