Friday, December 9, 2016

Amazing! Man Who Practically Ate Girlfriend Just To Disfigure Her Walks Free From Court

A woman has been left permanently scarred after her jealous ex-boyfriend bit her face 21 times so 'no man would look at her again'.

Melody Moon, 25, was attacked by Jamie Mitchell, 27, who sank his teeth into her cheek, lips and ears - but incredibly the thug has walked free from court .

During the sickening attack, Mitchell screamed: "You're going to die!" as he dragged Melody by her hair after punching her to the floor and throttling her.

Traumatised Melody described Mitchell chomping her face as feeling "like he'd tried to eat me alive".

She added: "He said he was going to bite my face so no man would look at me again."

Melody said Mitchell was screaming "like a madman with blood around his mouth" before stamping on her, then she lost consciousness.

She had split with Mitchell after he attacked her in the street following false accusations she cheated on him, but he lured her to his home by promising he only wanted to 'talk things through'.

The chef, from Yeovil, Somerset, later looked in the mirror and said she did not recognise herself.
She said: "I thought Jamie was right, no one will ever look at me again. I looked like a monster."

The cook was left with a fractured right eye socket, broken nose, shattered cheekbone and cuts all over her body.

Melody has since been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and is being treated for anxiety, but a judge only handed Mitchell a two-month suspended sentence and a restraining order.

He admitted causing actual bodily harm, assault by beating and being in possession of a bladed object at Taunton Crown Court.

She said her father burst into tears when he first saw her horrific injuries.

Melody also suffers from flashbacks to the attack, picturing Mitchell's face soaked in blood and looming down on her, and had to move into a women's refuge.

She revealed his slap-on-the-wrist sentence left her feeling cheated of getting justice because she is the one who received a life sentence of emotional and physical scars.

Melody said: "Seeing the damage Jamie inflicted when I look in the mirror makes me feel disgusted and unattractive."


  1. Who is this cannibal? He wanted to eat her face... 😡 The judge wasn't fair.

  2. Look at his face he looks like an animal

  3. What a wrong judgement

  4. I have never seen a thing like this before