Saturday, December 10, 2016

Anita Solomon Shows Off Her Outfit To A Wedding Today

Anita Solomon is the lady reportedly with Maje, Toke’s ex. They have a son together. Too hawt!!


  1. @Ladun make I slap you?

    Abeg where the hotness now?

    Yeye deyy smell.


  2. I can't fault this girl. She and Maje punked Toke. Little girls should not mess with senior girls. Clearly, Maje and this girl had what is called an 'understanding. She was f*+ing others and so was he and they both knew it but didn't mind because no one got jealous. Toke was playing the dotting and forgiving wife who was blaming herself for her man's indiscretions. Who knows, this lady Anita, might have been bankrolling Maje with the finances from her other men, we don't know. You see, these kind of twisted relationships do exist. Toke was blinded by heaven knows what. Anita is just one of those women who take nonsense from men, knowing that she too runs the streets. Well, we don't know, maybe her mother is also like that. I'm not trying to be funny but some women live these twisted lives that many Nigerian women just don't understand. And shouldn't! Toke should open her eyes and choose well. She fell for a conman who cares about nobody but himself. Tall, dark and handsome and well-spoken too. Every man and woman's dream. Yes, you read that last part right. I an not saying he is... but there are those men who love men but f+*k the crap out if women and dish them sh*t just because they can't live their truth. such men are stone cold and heartless. Ladies, open your eyes and pray.

    1. You are so intelligent!

    2. You wrote like you were living with the 3 when is was all happening. Pls and pls doubt somethings u read about other people because someday you might be a victim too. Toke lied to us in vlog about her perfect life with Maje, how she grabbed her man to the altar. Psychologically I will never believe anything that comes out of the mounth of anyone who can look into the eyes of a public and lie to them!!