Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Aww May D’s GF Is In Nigeria And She Needs Where To Buy A Beachwear

Lol, the singer’s girlfriend is in Nigeria and posted on one of her social media pages that she needs a store where she can get a nice beachwear in LAGOS. Just in case you wonder how she looks or how the beachwear will fit on her, above is a photo of her.


  1. When she was coming from wherever she came from, see didnt see ni?? Or tell you man to take you to a store. Would she show us the fitting on IG?

  2. We've seen the picture. Who the hell is May D? Why can't he date a Nigerian? Is it that hard to find beach wear in Nigeria? Is her face the criteria to use as the size for beach wear? She should go and sit down somewhere. Attention seeker.

  3. How is asking for advice attention seeking ? Lmao