Monday, December 26, 2016

Ayiri Emami’s Wife Praises Him As They Mark Another Year In Marriage

This is so nice, but you see when a man is loaded, a woman is forced to respect him. I don’t mean the man will force the woman, not at all. But everything he DOES will just be right. A man that provides more than what you need? May be even extend it to your family members, okay, if he does not even extend it to them, he does good to people around, is that a man you will not respect? It’s just automatic joorrr, lol. Okay next! Happy anniversary to the beautiful couple.... What she wrote to celebrate their day below + the song she choose to make her post got us ‘awwing.’ We love LOVE. Happy anniversary EMAMIS


  1. Love the song....happy wedding anniversary!

  2. So ladun what r u saying that it's only cos of money she respects him??? Anyway I don't think u r married so u won't understand. Marriage is about so much more especially when there r kids involved. And yes money makes it sweeter but it definetly doesn't define respect pls.