Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Check Out The List Of African Leaders Shaping Our Future

God bless them all. Continue with the list below....


  1. Why are they all so old? ladun does that mean young Africans can't take up leadership positions? Well I fear for the future of this continent...

  2. Well, age doesn't matter. We assumed because Kogi state state governor was young, he would be different, but he disappointed us all. Al he has done so far is marry new wives, sponsor weddings of close associates and friends, salary and pension he hasn't paid since january. We thought Wada was a sleeping governor who only filled pot holes as an achievement, but at least salary was steady. In Yahaya Bello's time, nothing at all. He is a huge failure. I rather vote an old man who has conscience than these young, heartless randy men. One thing is for sure, Yahaya Bello has ruined future chances of minority ethnic groups ruling in Kogi.

    1. Why should you compare one young man's iniability to others. Old men have been ruling states, african nations for only God knows when and have they changed anything? My friend think next time before typing. Vote young people into power

  3. No wonder africa is so backwards