Saturday, December 10, 2016

Davido Announces He Is Going Back To School For His Masters

The singer announced it on twitter this afternoon saying it is time to hit school again, but this time for his masters. Recall the singer graduated in 2015 from Babcock University in Ogun State.


  1. Shay school wen u dey use money buy

    Go convenant or Redeemers university now...If dem born u well


  2. Good for him, did he even attend lectures during his undergrad?

  3. Let him try another school that is not Babcock, his father just commandeered the bachelors degree for him last I heard, lets see if he passes his courses this time in another school. If it is same Babcock...bullshit

  4. Is that so? His father bought the BSC certificate. He is now ready to buy to buy the MSC certificate. This country is messed up and so are some people.

  5. You are all idiots ( commenters above) .

    Why would a father with two good PhDs "buy" his son a uni certificate?