Sunday, December 4, 2016

Dim Your Lights For No One, A Message From Munachi Abii & Kate Henshaw

 Aswear don’t do it, lol. DON’T it’s never worth it. The person you are dimming it for is forging ahead, he isn’t even waiting.


  1. i made N37,000 with an initial deposit of N7400 on crowd rising under 4 days. heres how, u register with 7k4, 5 people will be placed under u within 72hours who also pay 7400 to you. the best part is that referrals isn't compulsory .

  2. Not only no one

    Don't dim it for a man

    @Maje mr black head..take note!!

    @Olu Atlanta,what do you have to say as regards @Majes behaviour