Friday, December 16, 2016

Girl SOLELY Seeking Help For Her Mom’s Spinal Cord Surgery

I came across this on twitter and I was touched. I am sure you will too. God bless us all!

My mum had an accident in 2010 when she was traveling to PH to see my brother and also attend my family friends wedding. But unfortunately she didn't reach where she was going as they were involved in an accident. The accident was so severe that she was bedridden for months. The doctors in the hospital she was put in PH didn't even know she had a spinal cord injury. They were just treating her internal bleeding,stitching and cleaning the injuries they could see because they didn't have an MRI machine. Continue...

The X-ray she did only showed that she had broken ribs so my mum kept saying she wanted to leave there and be taken close to her family members. We spent over 3million naira in PH but they didn't do anything. So we were referred to FMC OWO but those ones didn't have the equipment,FMC referred us to Teaching hospital in Benin,same thing. Benin referred us to Ile-ife,they also didn't have the equipment. We were then referred to MECURE to do the scan,we did the scan for 80k only for the neurosurgeon in ife to tell us that we didn't do the right scan. All this while we had sold everything we had that could bring money so there was no money to do the 2 MRI scans that was required which was about 160k. My mum just told us to forget about it that she will go to the church. Then we went to healing school. After the healing session mumc said she wasn't going to any hospital that she would keep her faith alive and pray to God.

This accident really changed my life,I left school for about 3months by the time I got back,I cudnt catch up with my academics that I failed some courses for that semester. Even after I resumed school,I travel every single weekend to go see my mum bcos there was no one to stay with her. I failed in my academics,I lost concentration bcos the person paying my school fees was no longer going to be able to so I started fending for myself. I finished school in 2012,I was released for NYSC in 2015 bcos I mistakenly forgot to register a course due to too many distractions. I just kept hope alive and kept struggling to cater for my mum. I had to work my NYSC to Abuja with hopes that I will find help here but nothing good comes easy dear.

Now 2016,the year is almost over and my mum is getting worse. She can't even walk,she can't go to pee or use the toilet without struggling. I can't keep Seeing the woman that raised me continue to suffer,that's y I had to come out for people to help me. I have entered different Instagram competitions with hopes that I might win cash prizes and use the money for her surgery. On Monday our neurosurgeon said if she is not operated on soon, she might not be able to walk again. Estimated cost for the surgery is 2million naira($7000). Pls If you are reading this, and God touches you to help us, please help. I'm desperately in need of your help. God bless you.

Help spread the word!

Adejumo Oluwakemi,GTB,0125720273 (Daughter’s account)

Babayomi Florence Mopelola ECO 5282030612 (Mother’s account).


  1. I will contribute my widow's mite... Nigerians Please let's help

  2. Oh my... I pray she gets help 😭