Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hmm Do You Read Any Meaning To This Tweet?

Hmm, it’s too deep. Jesus was on earth and all he did was to make people happy. He never rode a car, never rode one.


  1. Pastors of today are only about their pocket. Only about what they will gain in church. Too bad

  2. Hahahahaha

    Church ⛪ members suffering and some pastors living large...sad indeed


  3. Religion has become the Opium of the people. Rather than give money in Nigerian churches, it's more meaningful to give to a beggar on the streets. Some of these fake prophets think they are above Jesus I guess.

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  5. Abeg..Jesus rode on an ass somebody's ass...and not the one he bought..People spread there clothes on the ground for him to climb and kept hailing him until his grand entrance while he was around and some people still preffered to suffer.The bible said he could do no great works in his own country because they cld not believe on him...
    i dnt understand people again..pastors shld practically be responsible for every wrong the society suffers.
    The boy is hawking,please is that the end for him?He hawks does that mean he is not in a school..Some pastors are actually flamboyant which I dont disagree with...But you and I have passed through someone in pain or a bad drainage..We did nothing about it rather than complain abt the government...We see dying people around all we can do is thank God for my life or Na scam..But when its a pastor,we forget he is Nigerian too...Make he touch the pikin and decide to help and something else happens...It wld turn to he using the boy for rituals