Thursday, December 15, 2016

Kim Kardashian's Friends Urge Her To 'Hold On' Amid Marriage Troubles

Kim Kardashian's friends are urging her to 'hold on' amid marriage troubles, according to People.

The magazine's source revealed that her nearest and dearest are 'telling them to hold on, to get through this.'

The couple have been dealing with strains in their marriage, including her husband Kanye West's Tuesday meeting with President-elect Donald Trump.

The source said that their political differences isn't the biggest issue, explaining: 'That's so far down the list of what they're dealing with at this point.'

Kim leaned on Kanye after she was was robbed at gunpoint in Paris, and now she needs to support him.

People's source claimed: 'They both need to understand that adversity is what will make them stronger as a couple.

'If they can get through this season, they will created an unbreakable bond. If anyone can do it, they can.'

As of now, the source said Kim has 'no imminent plans to file for divorce.'


  1. I am tired of their drama

  2. @Kayne should stay at home and receive his treatment

    @Kim is really trying here


  3. Kanye needs help! Kim needs more reasons to be in the news.