Sunday, December 18, 2016

Ladies There Must Be A Limit In Spending For A Man

I say this but people will tell me ‘don’t say it outside’. I once said it on this blog and some people (guys i guess came for me). Ladies, see it’s good to have money, its sweet, makes you stand tall, it’s a beautiful thing knowing you can buy anything you desire. See, It’s cool to spend for a man who is your husband too, but when you see the signs that he has turned you into a cash machine, doesn’t even care if you eat or your kids have eaten, my dear, stop the charity. Hide your money, spoil your kids behind him, tell him you don’t have cash, he will sit up.

But if you continue spoiling him, you are doing yourself, READ MY LIPS (well in this case, my fingers) HE WILL NEVER CHANGE. You will forever be his ATM, and at the end, you will hate you lived your life taking care of him. Your kids will grow up blaming you. They would say, mom, you ought to have let dad out. Continue...

If it’s because of s3x with another woman, damn it, let him go and have it. Don’t spoil him, just because you don’t want him to look at another woman, please don’t. Even if you try to stop him and monitor him, my sister, he will still cheat, he will still cheat on you with your money. Remember he is IDLE, d3mn he is still going to CHEAT. So if it’s cheating fine let him go. All you need is for him to man up and get a JOB. No matter how small the salary is, bring some cash home MAN. You get? Seriously, if you are doing this just stop. Help the man, by not FEEDING him 100%. At the end, you are helping yourself and your kids.

So this lady FED him 100% and she got DEATH at the end of the day. May her gentle soul rest in peace and may her good works speak for her.

N.B we have been in church all day. Sure you went to church too? How was yours? Mine was awesome?


  1. Good time in God presence

    Can't read this...someone summarized mbok


  2. Preach sister! Hope people going through this wake up and smell the coffee!

    I don't understand where the death comes from...the guy took the another lady to the hotel she paid for.

    What was the church sermon today?

  3. Ladun, you are right but at the same time, this Couple's situation has a bit of what I can call a cultural difference. You see, the Do Rag on the guy's head tells me he never had a job to begin with, apart from that, it spells volumes. Look at the girl, look at the so -called husband?! Many African American couples view marriage as a heavy duty achievement for the simple reason that many of them grew up in single family homes and have no clue what a real marriage entails. Left to the husband - this man in question,- he may not really see anything wrong, as such, in his actions, believe me. Some of the women are to blame as well. All it takes is a trip to the mall, a restaurant or any point of sale's cash register across the U.s and you will understand what I mean. It's so pathetic how many of these women open up their tattered purses to pay while the men walk away and pretend as if they aren't part of the union. Also. Unlike African men, many of these damaged -post slavery -men have no clue about marriage, dating, relationships and many other things. Forget about what you watch on foreign TV. African men are proud providers. There are the odd one or two who fit Slightly into the description of the man described above but even then, an African man will still be tactful. I don't mean to bore anyone on this beautiful Sunday but I just feel compelled to set the record straight about these type of lamentations. She must have seen all the traits but still wanted that party, the dress and the mosquito net to show that she is MEH-RRIED as most of them would say. She got squeezed for all the free juice she had to offer. Why do you think a lot of these American women are angry at African women? African women are too smart, especially the ones in obodo abroad. They don't go through too much of this, unless there's a green card situation going on. Read between the lines. Overall, she will live and trust me, she will go find another exactly like him. Am I wrong Olu@atlanta? Where you at? You know what am shhhayin' Lol. Ladies, choose well. Having a spouse is a thing of pride but having a useless man is like a third leg - useless. I will be loading my Channel soon, stay Ccchuned. Peace.

    1. Well said! Most of them know what they're getting into...
      Put your link on LLB when upload on your channel.

  4. Opps!I didn't read the last bit before my comment. So sad to read. But still, many women, especially in the USA go out of their way to simply have 'a man'. This explains why some women prefer to scale though life solo, e.g Oprah. If she had married that Steadman, half of her cash would have been "redeemed" through divorce. Toke Makinwa, comot your eye from that Maje dude. He has moved on and so should you. Consider yourself lucky that he didn't harm you. Toke reads LL, lol

    1. I doubt if she hasn't move on... but I still don't get how she was killed.

  5. U're on point dear # speaking from experience #