Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Lilian Esoro Officially Removes FRAKLIN From Her IG Name

It’s safe to say the marriage which was conducted last year November has hit the rocks. It was a society wedding and was on the lips of many for weeks. The marriage lasted only few months.


  1. all i can say is EHYA, at least they have a little franklyn

    1. The litle franklin shouldn't have come up. Broken home

  2. @Lilian is still in love with her footballer dude

    And @Ubi is a wife beater


  3. So sad. Only the blind didn't see this coming.

    It is always better to go to one village and get a wife than marrying a society girl, as the society girl will leave one, once one is not that financially buoyant.

    For all these hoes, it is all about the Benjamins.


  4. Lilian is a goldigger that wanted everything at all cost..the girl wanted fame and money by force and she used what she has to get what she wanted..she met ubi by toasting him online that how they met but she realised the guy is not as rich as she thought probably after marriage and she is taking a walk to meet another victim....where are the elders in this household who cannot intervene in dis union and settle marriage is perfect but as long as a child is involved both parties should be able to endure...but a woman keeps her home ..if a woman dont want want the home again nothing can be done..i see her on ig behaving like some shameless whore and i pity the child that will grow up and call her mommy one day...she is a selfish and greedy woman that compares her home to other celebrities like annie and mabel makun...forgetting that these women too have endured to be where they arw today...she doesnt want to struggle with any man.its so unfortunate that the guy didnt see that in her earlier.julius agwu stayed with her hubby even when things are rough thats what u called a woman .all these girls no wan endure they want the best of lifes by all means greedy and lousy woman