Thursday, December 22, 2016

Murder! Bride’s Ex Storms Her Wedding, Shows Guests Photos Of Her Giving Him A BJ

This is ruthless! Over ruthless! OMG, so a twitter handle shared the gist online this afternoon saying his friend attended a wedding where her scorned ex, came to the reception and dropped a photo of the bride giving him BJ at every table. He said, the bride’s brothers even thought he was one of the grooms’ men.  According to  the gist, the bride used and dumped him and he thought the only way to revenge is THIS.


  1. This would teach others a lesson, I guess he has no shame too.

  2. No be so Dabota Aku ex husband photographed & video her p00sy.

    Same with Toke Makinwa. Maje video of her having sex. Her revenge is to write a book about it revealing all other secrets too to make money too out of it.

    Revenge, revenge is the game!!!
    In the end outsmart ur enemy.