Saturday, December 17, 2016

Oh Dear! Seyi Law Recounts How He Was Crazy In Love With A Girl Who Never Appreciated Him

Hahahaha feel like singing a song, but the right song isn't coming. So Seyi Law was part of those boys that had it HARD with love. Oh good old Nigerian days when a girl will like a boy and will still form she isn't digging him. Oh dear. So your favourite comedian was a VICTIM.

The comedian while speaking about the craziest thing he has done for love in the past recounted the story and i must say, it's so hilarious because ofcus some of us can relate, lol. It was mad mad fun. Ladies do you remember? Some 10/12 years ago? 😛 lol. Read Seyi;s story...

“I stayed in Benin with my elder sister for a while and I was so much in love with the girl back then. It was during the time when you would be talking to a girl that you like her but she would not give you any response. Then I would go back home and begin to play Westlife songs and when I was done, I would move to Plantainshun Boys. I just finished secondary school during that period. Continue below...

“Eventually, I had to come back to Lagos but that did not stop me from seeing her. I would wake up around 4am, leave Lagos for Benin and return that same day. The road was very bad and sometimes, I would spend about ten hours on the road. I would only get to see the girl for about two or three hours, then I would rush back to Lagos. That was how much I was in love but she never appreciated it. I did not have money then. There was a time we tried to re-connect on Facebook but I had got married then and I am very happy with my wife,” he said.