Thursday, December 22, 2016

Photos: Ayiri Emami, Others Celebrate James Ibori’s Release

Remember James Ibori was released yesterday from a UK prison? Well shortly after his release, Billionaire Ayiri Emami and other Deltans came together to celebrate his release. More photos after the cut.


  1. What a country! Celebrating a thief

  2. This is exactly one of the reason Donald Trump keeps insulting blacks and especially Nigerians. What is this for? A rogue, looter, thief is been celebrated? My goodness. this same person siphoned monies meant for the development of your region, bought exquisite houses and cars for himself and you are here celebrating his release? I weep for Niger Delta, I weep for Nigeria.

  3. I tire for Nigerians. Celebrating a man who stole your money