Thursday, December 15, 2016

Photos:Amazing Testimony Of Man Whose Car Didn’t Get Burnt While A Filling Station Caught Fire

A lot of people where left stunned when a filling station caught fire and everything in sight was burnt, but for an SUV which belongs to a Winners Chapel member, who kept saying his CASE IS DIFFERENT shortly after the incident. According to the man, he ran like many other motorists ran when the filling station caught fire, and by the time the fire was out, many of them returned to just see what was left of their cars, and to his greatest surprise GOD KEPT HIS CAR. People gathered in celebration asking how he did it, and he said he was sure God kept it for him. He said he also believed the car was gone, But for him to return and meet it untouched, simply means it was God at work. Another photo below...


  1. Why was his church mentioned?? Lol its good. I am sure there is a reason why it didnt burn.

  2. So every other person whose property was burnt is a devil. Religion wahala in Nigeria.