Friday, December 16, 2016

Husband Fulfils Three Wishes Wife Requested Before They Got Married

Jason Collier shared this amazing story of fulfilling his promises to the love of his life on Facebook. Three promises, three fulfilled dreams.. Real man. lol. Read what he wrote on Facebook below...

"The day I fell in love with Ashley I ask her if she could have 3 things what would they be and in what order, she replied 1st a house (we closed on our house 2-28-15), 2nd would be a ring (October 8th 2016 I gave her my last name), 3rd would be a car being that she had been driving her 2006 Altima since college! Today I showed her I am a man of my word and I would give her the world if I could! Hard Work Pays Off! Merry Christmas Love".