Thursday, December 15, 2016

Scott Hall Posts Picture Of Christmas Tree Online Not Knowing He Was Actually Showing Us The P3rn On His TV

He's in the WWE Hall of Fame. He's a four-time WWF Intercontinental Champion.

But after this howler, we fear former wrestler Scott Hall will forever be the guy who innocently tried to share a picture of his Christmas decorations… and revealed his smutty viewing habits to the world.

The 58 year-old American went by a series of nicknames during his ring career, including Razor

Ramon and Starship Coyote. However, perhaps 'Diamond Studd' was his most suitable moniker, judging by this Instagram post....

'Just put my tree up' reads the post. Unfortunately, that does indeed appear to be porn on Hall's TV, to the right.

Hall has since deleted the post.

However, the man who wore gold chains and flicked toothpicks at rivals has at least taught us all a very valuable lesson;look well before posting, lol.


  1. It might a scene from a movie 😉

  2. It might be a scene from a movie or series, nowadays some movies and series can pass for porn, especially if its shown on HBO. I know he saw it when he posted it.