Friday, December 2, 2016

Students Flaunt Privilege In Snaps Using Bank Notes As Toilet Paper & Many More Surprises

Jet-setting, diamonds and private chauffeurs might sounds like luxuries, but they're all in a day's work for the private school students featured online.

As well as those perks,fast cars, wads of £50s and luxury weekend trips to the Middle East are nothing unusual according to the Facebook page What Private School Students Snapchat .

The page has laid bare the lives of the offspring of the incredibly wealthy and their attitude to the rest of us - or "peasants" as they term the general public.

The privileged pupils are not identified by name and are likely all in their teens, but their braggadocio would put Donald Trump to shame as they comment smugly on the wealth and trappings of their fancy lifestyles.


  1. All these might be for social media attention. I dont believe this, if I can see the real thing. And also pictures can be manipulated.

  2. Will their Graves be 10ft deep? They should prepare for hell coz it's real

  3. Na wa oo

    When you are big,you are big


  4. Lol @ ... will putDonald Trump to shame
    If anything I like about trump it will be his kids....not these ones😀