Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Video: Woman Caught On CCTV Shoplifting In Lagos

A CCTV footage has shown an unidentified woman that shop lifted at La Roux Boutique in Magodo, Lagos State. This happened on the 14th of December. 2016, around 12:09pm according to statistics from the CCTV recording. 

As seen in the video, the lady removed what she wore and put on a new gown that helped to cover the cloths she stole under the gown. Watch the video below...


  1. Lol, girls need to represent this christmas.

  2. The gown she removed was a new one too, if you look closely you will see the tag on it. I think she tried it then removed it then wore the flowing gown. And there is no way on this God's earth that she can conceal the supposed stolen clothes under the second dress she tried. If the video had shown her leaving the shop with the clothes then we can call it theft but it shows nothing like that. This is so wrong

    1. My dear I've gone to buy outfits before and I have never put clothes like that between my legs. Besides why didn't she go to the dressing room? She is a thief!!! The way she folded them near her crotch is a giveaway. I mean who does that??? Besides the clothes must have been missing for the boutique to release this. God help us

  3. Is it my eyes... Did she wear a pant? #adjustingmylens#