Saturday, December 3, 2016

When Toyin Lawani Went Half N3de For Her Skin Product

The mom of two posted a video online tonight showing the world the wonders her soap can do to one’s skin while taking a shower. Lol, in just 37 mins the video got over one thousand views, lol. Who know people like freebies, lol. Her caption;

Tiannahs Glow BlackSoap does wonders to the skin,Being a mom doesn't stop you from Being sexy,People find it hard to Believe That i have two kids,If you do the work you will get the Results,


  1. So now makes one sexy😏. What's that on her back/shoulder blade?

  2. eeya she hasnt been in the news in a while. so she knows how to play her game. Maheeda has done worse. Show everyone what mothers in 2016 needs aspire to be.