Thursday, December 8, 2016

You Photoshopped Your Figure, Fans Tell Kate Wright As She Fires Back

Her latest racy Instagram sent fans wild as they praised her impossibly tiny waist and voluptuous cleavage.

But Kate Wright's lingerie snap also attracted it's fair share of criticism, with people accusing her of Photoshopping her figure to achieve unrealistic hourglass standards.

The TOWIE bombshell has now hit back by sharing a snap of an inspirational quote reading, 'Positivity feeds the soul'.

She accompanied the message with a lengthy rant aimed at the 'negative' and 'bitter' people who have been attacking her with claims she Photoshopped her figure.

'Some of you need to take some inspo from this quote ... Fed up of waking up to loads of nasty comments & articles saying I photoshop my body ...

'people always have to be negative , I normally ignore them but not today my body is NOT photo shopped ...

'yes I have a small waist & my legs are chunky & may not be exact same CM size, but that's how it is.

'People should be lifting others up not trying to constantly find the bad in one another and bring each other down.

'I have a naturally curvy figure but I train hard and eat well to maintain it & I'm fed up of people trying to take that away from me because they are so bitter , have a day off it's Christmas ...

'or come join me at the gym, youll release some endorphins and u may not feel the need to rip other people apart . ....

'anyway enough about the haters; thanks to all the people who say lovely things & continually support me & shout out to my PT @michaelevansfitness ... he's obviously doing something right (sic)'.

The blonde's waist looked tiny while the bra top made the most of her ample assets.

And while some fans flocked to the comments section to heap praise on her 'unreal body', other followers weren't convinced it was real at all.

One wrote: 'She already has a great figure, why photoshop something to make people envy something that's been amended?'

Another one added: 'She's 100 per cent not that tiny in real life!'


  1. Her left leg is bigger than the right one smh

  2. Almost all celebs photoshop(verb) their pictures nowadays.

  3. Photoshop cause wahala... they should leave her.