Friday, January 20, 2017

18 Year Old Mother Is Arrested After Taping Her Two-Year-Old Son To A WALL And Broadcasting It On Facebook

An 18-year-old mother was arrested after she bragged about taping her toddler to the wall in a shocking Facebook live video.

Shayla Rudolph of Reynoldsburg, Ohio, was arrested and charged with third-degree felony abduction on Thursday while her two-year-old son was taken in by Franklin County Children's Services, police said.

Rudolph used clear packing tape over her son's mouth, and restrained her toddler's arms against the wall with tape for about 15 minutes, police said.

The mother bragged that it was a good way to keep her child from running around, and later filmed another Facebook video taunting people who alerted child welfare officials about the clip.

In another Facebook live video, Rudolph can be seen disciplining her son by making him stand in a corner.
She says: 'They called Children Services on me, so f*** it, now he in the corner.

'Whatcha gonna do now? Call children services now, you can have his a**. I don’t give a f***. This time y’all can take him.'

Rudolph also claimed she could punish her son however she liked, and hang him upside down.


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