Saturday, January 28, 2017

51 Year Old Liz Hurley Looks Youthful In Age-Defying Selfie

The 51 year-old star whipped her Instagram followers into a frenzy on Friday when she shared a sexy image of herself from Bombay, where she's currently holidaying.

Showing herself in a reclining beach chair, the brunette beauty cut a seriously youthful figure - and appeared a good two decades below her real age.

Unsurprisingly, the image generated 14,000 'likes' in the first 19 hours and has delighted social media users.

One gushing fan said: "You're a gorgeous and beautiful woman with a stunning, fantastic body," while another added: "One word: STUNNER".

Another summed up the general tone of the response by saying: "WOW!!!! as u were 20+ yrs ago, plus you're talented!".