Thursday, January 19, 2017

Aids-Curing Pastor Claims He Removed Woman's Vaginal Warts With The Power Of His Holy Shoe

Bizarre footage shows Zendile Andries November asking a woman in his congregation about the 'pimples'. The Victorious Faith Ministries pastor - who also claims he can cure Aids with the power of prayer - then removes his shoe and hands to the woman, who places it between her thighs.

She then dramatically drops to the floor with the churchman's footwear lodged between her legs.

After a visit to the bathroom, another woman announces that her friend's condition has been miraculously cured - to cheers from the congregation at the Bloemfontein church.

The pastor later told South African newspaper The Times : "The woman came to me about pimples on her vagina. This made it impossible for her to sleep with her husband.

"Because the problem was on her private part I decided to use the shoe. I believe in miracles and God uses anything to heal."

He claimed: "I also cured a lot of people of HIV/Aids‚ immediately after praying for them I ask them to go to the nearest clinic and test. Most of them come back negative‚ and those that are positive I encourage them to have faith and continue to pray for them.

"I specialise in deliverance for those who are demon possessed‚ spiritual husbands and diseases,”
 he said.