Tuesday, January 17, 2017

All Is Still Not Well At Tonto Dikeh’s Home

Tonto Dikeh’s son is 11 months today, and because of who the actress is, she has always celebrated him every month, where are followers even wish him a happy birthday. So today, the happy mother took to IG to pray for her son as he clocks 11 months today, but failed to include her MR X…. PAPA KING. She did all her tags, and it was just her and her son. Even in the write up, she said ‘I will never stop been better for Us!!’.

Hope their friends will intervene and help them settle this. The actress has painted her marriage too good just for it to pack up slightly over a year. Biko NO! In fact, some people pray under her posts to have a man like her husband, so whatsup?

She wrote;

My BABY,my Love,my Heart,my Life my Wealth,my greatness I watch you grow each day into a fine young boy..
Every moment spent with you i know God Loves you,My Love for you Knows no end!
I will never stop praying for you!!
I will never stop been better for Us!!
God has a plan for you,And you will Live Long to Actualize it..Your destiny is covered by the blood of Jesus,You will be unstoppable,unmoveable,You shall be a pillar of support and joy to millions...You shall Rule my son,May the heavens celebrate with me as You mark 11months in my precious Hands..
God bless you KINGY,God keep you safe KINGY,I love you too much for words..
You are the definition of Gods glory..
#Happybest11monthsofmyLife #Favoredchild #MAMAKING #KINGY @mybabysmeal


  1. Just wishing her well
    Happy 11 month old to her son

  2. Hmmm. Analyst Ladun
    you are too good at your job
    keep up the good work....More wisdom, knowledge and understanding from God

  3. Who cares? She sold her husband out

  4. Ehya, but there is a difference between "been" and "being"

  5. Mtchews. She too carry her husband for head
    Mr X has failed her

  6. May God help her fix her marriage

  7. I will be very sad if her divorce is true

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