Monday, January 30, 2017

Assumed Depressed Lady, Tonto Dikeh Gets Back At Followers By Giving Them Words Of Advice

Lmao, Tonto Dikeh is the real deal! Bruhaha, almost having a heart attack here. Omg! Who is this lady? Lol. So some of her followers drop one or two notes advising her to stay strong and don’t be down because of what she is currently going through (her separation from husband). Some will even forget the purpose of a post she makes and go on advising her like marriage counsellors, why some have said she should go and beg her husband. The advice are unlimited, but guess what? Tonto that they think is down, has hit back at them, but in a way they least expected. The mom of 11 months old king came in really good on them this morning. The advice she gave advisers right after the cut. Loool, still can’t stop laughing.

Why are you always sad?
You have money, not much but enough.
You have food, whatever you want to eat.
You live in a house, it's small but it's yours.
You have clothes, so what if they aren't designer.
You lost a loved one, we all did, but they wouldn't like to see you unhappy, the energy from their soul is still there, they live on in your heart.
You are scared of death... Why?
When it happens it happens, concern yourself with loving and living.
Don't die having never lived.
You don't get on well with your family... You will eventually, or you won't but your friends are the family you get to choose. So choose wisely
You are trying to become more spiritual, but aren't sure where to start... Cleanse your body and mind of negative energy 1st,Pray for direction will help, so will eating healthy foods, stop taking poisons.
A poisonous body is a poisonous mind.
If you are single you are single for a reason, just as when you get into a relationship you will have your reasons.
Remember your happiness starts with you.
Not with your relationship.
Not with your friends.
Not with your job.
But with you.
Things outside of you won't fix things on the inside
You are loved, by others but not by yourself, start by loving yourself and be happy, because you are alive when many others died for the opportunity to live... #chkbrs #POKOBARS