Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Baby Cut To Shreds After Shower Screen Explodes While She's In The Bath

A baby was “cut to shreds” after a shower screen exploded while she was taking a bath. One-year-old Elsieè-Maie screamed out in pain as shards of glass blasted into the air before raining down onto her.

Horrified mum Stacy Richards, 24, said she heard what sounded “like a gun shot” as the glass shattered into pieces.

Stacy, from Denbighshire, Wales, said Elsieè-Maie's dad had to pluck the little girl from her arms as she was shaking so much.

The 24-year-old is now warning others of the dangers of shower screens.

"It was like someone had fired a gun at the side of us, there was glass everywhere.

“Our glass shower screen had spontaneously exploded, never in my life have I moved so fast as I tried to shield her from being hurt.

“Elsieè-Maie’s dad came running in and grabbed her from me as I was shaking so much.

“My one-year-old cut to shreds in what I can only explain as a freak incident.

“Elsieè-Maie was screaming, it was horrible, there was no warning.”

The youngster was left with around a dozen cuts to her body, with one on her head and some on her back, hands, arms and legs, but Stacy said the incident “could have been a lot worse”.

Stacy, from Prestatyn, has urged other parents to make sure there’s aren’t cracked or compromised.
She added: "There was nothing wrong with our shower screen, it wasn’t cracked or chipped and yet this still happened."

“I keep thinking what if Elsieè-Maie had been stood on the outside of the bath? It could have been a lot worse, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

“When I tucked her up in bed last night, she was very unsettled and kept on waking up crying.#

“I just wanted to make people aware as I would hate for another baby to go through this.”