Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Eyah! 22-Year Old Man Dies During S3x, Girlfriend Devastated, Parents Want Death Probed

A student is devastated after her fit and healthy young boyfriend collapsed and died on top of her during s3x. The girl, identified only as Fu, was making love with 22-year-old Huang after they woke up at 5am.

She said: “Halfway through our lovemaking, he began to sweat and had difficulty breathing. He lost consciousness right there, and fell down on the bed with a loud thud. I called his name and touched him, but there was no reaction,”

The horrified 20-year-old called for an ambulance which raced Huang to hospital, but there was nothing doctors could do.

Debates about it on local media sites have concluded he had a 'happy ending'.

One, Lai, wrote: “What a way to go. He met a sudden death, but it was without pain.
"He was enjoying the euphoria of making love and went straight to paradise.”

Huang was a little overweight but had always been healthy, Fu told cops.

His shattered parents said: “How can he die like this? We want to know what happened.”

They have asked police to probe the cause of death. But officers say they do not suspect foul play and believe Huang suffered a stroke or heart attack in Keelung, Taiwan.

Shih Chi-chung, a senior doctor at the hospital Huang was taken to, said: “When he arrived he had already stopped breathing and had no pulse.

“He was unconscious and his eyes rolled white.”

Huang had recently recovered from a minor cold.

And his death has prompted medics to suggest that the city’s unusually cold temperature (11C) could have played a part.

Dr. Shih, head of Keelung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital’s emergency room, warned that people should avoid vigorous sex when it is cold - and warm up first with some exercises.

Prosecutors are awaiting the results of an autopsy.


  1. Na wa o. Which kind death be this

  2. "He was enjoying the euphoria of making love and went straight to paradise.”
    Did i hear right? smh
    it's a pity!