Tuesday, January 17, 2017

First Pictures Of Mum Who Dumped Newborn Baby In Hospital Toilet Bin And Left Him There To Die

These are the first pictures of the mum who admitted trying to kill her newborn baby by dumping the boy in a hospital toilet bin.

Romanian Orsolya-Anamaria Balogh entered Liverpool Crown Court today facing jail for attempted infanticide after the baby was discovered by a cleaner at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in Wigan.

The tiny tot survived unscathed despite being dumped in a bin with paper tissues pushed into his mouth.

Police launched an investigation and tracked down the baby's mum who initially claimed she had not known she was pregnant until she gave birth in the toilet cubicle at the hospital.

But when her computer was checked it was found she had been researching pregnancy and home births.

Balogh, 27, has spent the equivalent of 12 months in prison while on remand at Styal prison and a sympathetic judge told her that he was considering setting her free.

The court previously heard Balogh had gone to the hospital’s accident and emergency department with her partner complaining of abdominal pain at about 7.40pm on July 5 last year.

Hospital staff said Balogh spent some time in the toilet but left before a nurse was ready to see her at 10.20pm.

A horrified cleaner found the baby when they noticed the bin in the toilet area was “unusually heavy” and heard a muffled squeaking noise.

The baby was found still in the foetal position, with his umbilical cord cut and tissues stuffed into his mouth.

He was given oxygen and made a full recovery.

Prosecutor Richard Pratt QC said: “The baby survived his ordeal with remarkable fortitude and, with medical intervention, was effectively unscathed by the circumstances of his birth.”