Monday, January 30, 2017

Former Governor Behind Tuface’s Planned Protest?

Well that is what PM News is saying;

Investigations on Monday revealed a former Akwa Ibom State Governor as the chief sponsor of the planned massive nationwide protest being orchestrated by hip hop artiste, Innocent Idibia, popularly known as 2face against the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration.

The protest, planned to hold on Sunday, February 5, had in the last two weeks generated much hue and cry with some Nigerian celebrities queuing behind the move, while others had kicked against the intention.

The Benue-born had taken to his Instagram page to confirm that the protest will hold as scheduled.

But on Monday, a source revealed that 2face was being used as a stooge to drive the protest aimed at smearing the Buhari-led Federal Government.
This said former governor, now a Senator, has never hidden his love for the ‘African Queen’ crooner and had in the past said to have showered award winning musician with cash and gifts worth several millions of naira.

It would be recalled that 2face and his wife, Annie Macaulay, in 2013, were gifted two brand new Prado SUVs by this former governor as their wedding gift which they graciously accepted.

2face has however, come under severe criticism by some fans who feel he was silent during the previous administration where massive corruption, lawlessness and poverty were the order of the day, with some concluding that there was more behind the protest.

“2face should come out clean and tell Nigerians the real reason behind this protest rather than hiding under the guise of clamouring for good governance. Where was he during Chief Olusegun Obasanjo era? Where was he when Goodluck Jonathan and his men were ripping Nigeria off?

“If he is not careful, this move might just signal the beginning of the end of his musical career. He is threading on a path where he is a complete novice,” the source said.


  1. Abeh shut up.anything to tarnish his name bcuz his saying the truth.buhari is a failure and he should know we are not happy.end of story for the messenger listen to the msg.kpam all the other celebs dat v signed up olamide,davido nd burna boy na akpapio pay dem too? Apc and media propaganda

  2. 2face or whtever ur name r nothing but a big fool...planning a protest against a govt on a rescue mission of d country fro political thieves, corruption, ineptitude n lawlessness shows that u hv no brain....d era of free money is gone..may u and yr sponsors perish wit all ur stolen money...tell ur sponsors to return wht they stole fron d nigerian people

  3. They should leave tuface alone o

  4. Story for the gods. Buhari has not impressed Nigerians let the protest hold

  5. Maurice Abiagom31 January, 2017 11:08

    Behind tuface...tired of Buhari adminstration too

  6. Whatever nonsense source you might be, just shut up & stop being a fool. This protest must hold

  7. If dey touch him they touch the apple of our misic eye,make una shut up and mind una business,2bab all d way d protest must hold and we are in full and total support 4 him,make una dey run una smelly mouth anyhow,hALF GOAT.