Saturday, January 14, 2017

How Police Men Brutalised Me Because Of Saraki- NAMA Official

An Aeronautical Information Service Officer with the Nigerian Airspace

Management Agency, Ilorin International Airport, Mr. Ishola Oluwafemi, has appealed to the Kwara State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Olusola Amore and the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, to investigate how he was brutalised by some riot police officers.

He stated that it was necessary to prevent other people from experiencing the ordeal he was subjected to.

In an interview with journalists in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital on Tuesday, he said he was in his office about  9.45am on Sunday when some riot police officers led by Mr. Shola Gbadeyan (DSP) assaulted him.

According to him, the police officers had come to reinforce security at the airport before the arrival of the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki.

He said while he and his colleagues were exchanging pleasantries, a policeman knocked on the door of the office where they were.

Oluwafemi said, “We heard a knock again on the door. Because I was close to the door, I opened it. Immediately I saw a police officer, I looked at him.

“He asked me, “Why did you not talk to me?’ I said, “About what? I do not know you from Adam and we never had any conversation, so what is it that I am going to talk to you about?” And he said, ‘Ok, sorry’ and shut the door.

“Few minutes later, I was still discussing with my colleagues when four police officers came and started shouting,

‘Where is the boy, where is the boy? Bring him here. Come out.’ I said,  ‘what for? Why are you people shouting in my office, what is wrong?’ They said I spoke to their ‘oga’ rudely. I asked how and they started slapping me and shouting that I must be very stupid.

“Their boss was on the other side commanding them to bring me out. While they were beating me and saying I was stupid, I said I was not stupid. They got angrier and said that if soldiers were beating me, would I have the effrontery to talk back at them?’ I said, yes, I would talk back at anybody who is beating me like this in my office when I am doing my duty, I have not wronged the person and this is a Federal Government parastatal. Gbadeyan himself punched me in the eyes.”

Oluwafemi alleged that they continued beating him and that at a point, he fell down.

He added that they were about whisking him away when his colleagues ran to their operational area and called other workers.

According to him, when the police officers noticed that the NAMA staff were about recording how they were beating him, one of the police officers shouted at them to stop any form of recording.

He said the police officers later went into their van and zoomed off to the terminal area of the airport.

He stated that the NEMA officials later  took him to the airport police station for him to lodge a complaint but that his statement was not taken when the police officers learnt he was brutalised by policemen.

 He said he was later admitted at the Adeyi Hospital, Sokoto Road, Offa Agbo Oba, Ilorin, where he was treated.

According to a medical report signed by Dr. D.I. Adeyi, the victim sustained injuries and bled and was treated at the cost N150,000.

Adeyi in the report said, “Bearer reported here on Sunday at about 2pm after being beaten up by armed mobile policemen.

“He was brutalised with abrasions and no fracture. He had sebaceous bleeding around the head and abdomen. No visible fracture seen.”

The Kwara State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Ajayi Okasanmi, said he was not aware of the case and added that if Oluwafemi was truthful in his allegations, he should officially report the alleged assault.