Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Huddah Monroe Reveals She And Wizkid Once Made Love

Or do we say once had s3x since there is a difference between love making and having s3x?. So former BBA contestant, 2013 precisely, Huddah Monroe, yesterday revealed she once had s3x with Wizkid. Not that she actually wanted to reveal it. She posted an image saying Wizkid is the best artiste in Africa, and a follower came for her saying, she should just admit she wants to sleep with the singer instead of stylishly praising him. She was however quick to tell the follower that, it wasn’t about s3x, because they already had that. Recall that a photo of wizkid giving her a peck once went viral, with so many saying they were having an affair then. The tweets below….


  1. Well she isnt ashamed then. I like that, but I know wizkid might say she is lying

  2. What a world 🌍 we live in

  3. Wizkid ruining his life
    all your starboi thing will soon fade. vanity upon vanity
    where are the stars of yesterday.....in 3 years time, will wizkid still be relevant in the entertainment industry? Time will definitely tell