Friday, January 27, 2017

I Love You To The Moon & Back, RMD Praises Wife In Birthday Message To Her

Aww, he has been trying to push her back to limelight lately. Not like pushing her back per say, but he can’t just stop talking about how good she has been to him, the kids and making sure their marriage is intact. Today happens to be Jumobi’s birthday, and the actor let her out again. Truth is, most of us still can’t forgive RMD for taking aunty Jumobi off the screen (Lunch Break on AIT). When we were growing up, she was the in-thing. The only programme we watched on Nigerian channels. We had rushed back from school and say hey, tune to AIT, we want to watch Lunch Break with Jumobi, lol.

This kind love erm, chai, makes one jealous o.How he wished her a happy birthday below….

Nah, this won't be a long one. Been saying too much of late and dragging you back into the public space you've warned me to keep you away from, you see, I'm trying but I can't help myself. I must let the world know that you're the strongest reason I can hold my head up high. You have covered my mistakes and shielded my shortcomings from the public. You know that if I could turn back the hands of time, I would never hurt or make you cry. Thank you ABK for loving me and helping us heal through all my failings, I am humbled by it all. Thank you for the privilege to call you my wife, I can't be more proud. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my own personal Adunmaradan. God bless, keep and prosper you for me. Oluwaseunfunmi. I love you to the moon and back.


  1. Love is a beautiful thing
    age with grace ma

  2. Yes,She used to be my favourite presenter on AIT

  3. God will continue to bless your home

  4. HBD sister Jumobi Adegbesan, LLNP

  5. Such moving words. Such effusive praise. If more men had this kind of unashamed acknowledgement of their wives, we will have better marriages.

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