Sunday, January 29, 2017

Interesting Things Melania Trump Allegedly Said To The Man That Danced With Her On Inauguration Day

If she actually said all of that, then nkan be ni USA, US for show. Melania Trump did end up smiling in the arms of a man on inauguration day - but it wasn't thanks to her husband. The First Lady was seen looking happy and beaming away while in the arms of Puero Rican soldier Jose Medina at her husband's inauguration ball.

The Slovenia-born ex-model had earlier appeared to look glum and bored while dancing with her billionaire husband as he celebrated becoming leader of the free world.

Latin press has gleefully picked jumped on these other images, showing Melania smiling happily away with one Mexican newspaper saying: "This is what happens when a Hispanic officer dances with Melania Trump ".

It is not the first time Melania has seemed to have a face like thunder while in the company of her husband.

During The Donald's inauguration, cameras caught the moment the First Lady's smile dropped the second her husband's back was turned.

Speaking to Puerto Rican newspaper, Primera Hora, Iraq war veteran Mr Medina, 29, said: "I found out before the New Year and I had like three weeks of nerves.

“But I had a great time. It is such an honour to have had the privilege of dancing with the first lady. I had to steal the show and give her a twirl!”

The soldier, who entered the army in 2008, revealed he was chosen by his superiors and that the pair danced for about two minutes.

He said: "She asked me where I was from, if I had a family, kids, and if I was having a good time. I told her I was from Puerto Rico, and I asked her if she was having a good time.

“She said it was unforgettable, and she was very happy because all her family was together.”

Mr Medina also claimed that Melania revealed to him she would spend only the first night in the White House before reverting to life in New York until son Barron finishes his studies.


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