Wednesday, January 4, 2017

It Gets Dirtier... Private Investigator Calls Out Hon Jibrin On Twitter Over Frauds With ‘Evidence’

See, it can’t get dirtier than this except they want to go more low and start using guns. A private investigator with twitter name (Segalink) is presently online now as i type spewing out alleged dirts on Hon Abdulmumin Jibrin. According to him the Honourable has a UK account which has more than a £1m and lots more. He openly showed the account statement and lots more and he is still talking.

But you know people have to wade in, already some Nigerians have started condemning the honourable who has also replied saying a friend earlier contacted him that he, Segalinks was demanding N25m from him to keep quiet about some facts he got from someone about him. Alot of people however feel, Speaker Dogara must have paid Segalinks for this job, but he swears he is only doing it for the passion he has for Nigeria- public service and says he is ready to expose more office holders. Some of the ongoing discussions from Segalinks page and that of Hon Jibrin all after the cut.