Friday, January 27, 2017

Lol. Ruth Kadiri Wishes Beau A Happy Birthday But In A Stylish Way

Lol, NolLywood actress, Ruth Kadiri’s beau (Anthony Ayodele Adedeji) is a year older today and the actress took to her IG to wish him a happy birthday. Please note that their love was so strong in 2014, that someone notified us, and we put it up HERE, something the actress denied through her PR team to us (behind the blog, lol), but erm, it went viral with many others confirming our story (shows teeth). Now today, they are still ON. Ruth was however fast to try to distract us in the birthday message she posted today, when she said ‘when I didn’t have a boyfriend,  you reminded how awesome a girl I am.’ Well, may be before they started dating tho (shows teeth again lol) But erm, we are not distracted. Happy birthday to her boo jor. What she wrote below...

With you I understand what unconditional love means. You're the only one I can call at 12midnight. And tell that I'm in the middle of nowhere, yet I know you'll find me. Yes you'll find me and I'll still fight you for coming a minute late. With you, I share my joy, sadness, laughter, pains, tears, aspiration, right doings and wrong doings. when I'm wrong you stick with me. Irrespective. I didn't have a brother. You became that. I didn't have a father. You became that. I find it hard to have stable friendships. You became the longest standing friend I have had.When I didn't have a boyfriend, you reminded how awesome a girl I am. 😀 what would I do without you? Dunno. Happy birthday dear. Cos with you. The simple things of life matters. @heywhysamba