Sunday, January 8, 2017

Man ‘Fights’ Chichi Igbo At Abuja Club Over His BABE

See this Chi Chi girl is not well at all. I mean literally not well. LOL. So babe came on IG after going to club in the FCT, saying a dude was mad that his girl danced with her all night. She ranted saying, so many people weren’t comfortable that she had her space and was dancing alone before the chic came. She however said, she cares less about the bitch, yea, that’s how she referred to her, and she can as well have her, if she wants, but she just wasn’t her TASTE! Lol.

Btw, if you are wondering who our Chi Chi Igbo is, she is an ex-super falcons player, and currently plays in an European country, but only home for the festive seasons. What she wrote after the cut and a picture of herself and niece in a selfie also below…

'I wish a pussy nigga WOULD!!! shame on you hypocrites. How does a harmless girl put so much fear in a whole fucking club full of grown ups n I was just being my happy feet self, dancing, catching my fun, y'all will have to bring me down before I conform to the lie y'all idiots are living, fucking hypocrites!!! Shame on all you bird brained nincompoops!!!!!'


  1. Replies
    1. Very sick 😷...not her fault at all...Girls really dig her...they pay her to sleep with them.


  2. What is she using to cover her mouth. Not alright at all.