Monday, January 16, 2017

Marriage Is Not A Competition Take Your Time SPINSTER

Exactly. The little time you stay looking for Mr Right or Mrs Right being unhappy is better, than spending the rest of your life UNHAPPY. Absolutely!

Are you 35 and female? Don’t worry it’s fine, you are gradually getting there. 40 and male? You are almost there, just look for the happiness. The true LOVE! Oh you are 25 and married? Lucky you and stop judging others. Marriage is not a competition.


  1. It is a competition in Africa
    they'll start giving you names once you are 25 upward
    African's mentality though

  2. Ask Rita Dominic and Bimbo Akintola
    before reading this

  3. Correct talk. You go talk another one

  4. It's better to be single and happy than getting married and sad

  5. Even those in unhappy marriages will start mounting pressure on you to get married. I did not marry in my 20s and i am so glad i didn't because i would have been unhappy with my then boyfriend, cheats like hell. I found the right man and i am happy, relaxed, no dress at all. Never rush into it because all your friends are married

  6. Everybody should just pray for the appointed time