Sunday, January 29, 2017

Muslim Ban: Kim Kardashian Has A Word For Donald Trump

Kim Kardashian West has waded into the row over Donald Trump's Muslim ban. The reality TV star tweeted to her 49.8 million followers, with statistics on the likelihood of Americans being killed by an immigrant jihadist.

According to the statistics, an average of two Americans are killed a year over the last ten years by Islamic Jihadi immigrants.

Vastly more Americans are killed each year by lightning strikes, lawnmowers - and simply falling out of bed. Ten times as many Americans die at the hands of toddlers with guns. And five Americans are killed by home-grown far-right terrorists.

The star's tweet was a surprise to many followers - particularly after her husband, Kanye West, visited Donald Trump at Trump Tower in the days following his election.

Kim Kardashian has more than twice as many Twitter followers as Donald Trump, whose personal account is followed by just 22 million people.


  1. Many people hating Trump for his actions

  2. Tell him
    banning muslims is not right

  3. Needless bashing. The grace of a leader is far greater for a reason!

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