Friday, January 13, 2017

Naked Possessed Woman Steals Police Car And Leads Cops On Hour-Long 100mph Chase In Shocking Bodycam Footage

Police bodycam footage has been released of the moment a naked woman stole a police car and led cops on a long high speed chase.

She had originally claimed to officers that she had been sexually assaulted and on drugs, which is why she did not have any clothes on.

In her police interview she reportedly said there were lots of things she could not remember from that day.

"I felt like I was, I want to say, possessed, like I didn't have control," Luna said. "I didn't remember the whole ride until I had sobered up again."

Authorities are now waiting on blood test results to confirm she was under the influence of methamphetamine and spice at the time of the incident.

Luna is facing multiple charges including unlawful flight from law enforcement, possession of the stolen MCSO vehicle, resisting arrest, theft of means of transportation, aggravated assault and false reporting.

Reports suggest the incident began on Thursday morning when a sheriff's deputy was called to a petrol station and found the naked woman standing outside, authorities said.

The deputy said she appeared distraught and disoriented, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Ben Henry said.

The deputy, who left his vehicle running, tried to cover Luna with a blanket but she climbed into the car and sped off , the officials said.

Henry said the deputy tried to stop her by jumping on the running board but was unsuccessful and fell to the ground, sustaining minor injuries.

He was treated at a local hospital and released, Henry said.

He took up the pursuit in a civilian's car and alerted other authorities.