Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Niger Delta People Are Suffering More Than Almajiris, Says Edwin Clark

Niger Delta people are suffering according to Edwin Clark. He made the statement when he played host to the Ijaw Professionals’ Association, IPA, Homeland chapter. Clark said, “Nobody who lives upland in this country will ever appreciate the suffering we have been living with. We live in water, yet we have no water to drink. We have no healthcare, no schools, no roads, yet we produce the resources that oil the wheel of this country.

“Those exploiting the oil in our land have been very selfish, unjust and oppressive. They want to perpetually own the resources and we say no.

“There are even people who believe that for the Federal Government to exploit our oil, we should be removed from the area to make it easier to shortchange us. God will never agree with them. They say we are militants. Who would stay in his own house and allow a stranger to come and pour sand on his head? We will continue to fight for our God-given rights.”-


  1. Useless greedy old fool.

  2. Silly old man. When GEJ was there and regarded him as his father why didn't he use that influence to get GEJ to develop the Niger Delta?

    With all the money GEJ gave him and other militants in the ND what business did they setup with the money to create jobs for their people?

    Since creation $40billion has been given to NDDC and the chairman and board members of NDDC have always been Niger Deltans, what infrastructure did they build with that money?

    I am from the Niger Delta and I get very pissed when old men like this make such deceptive statements and fellow educated and enlightwned Niger Deltans follow them to sing the same tune.

    Our problem in the Niger Delta is us and nobody else.

  3. Sir...u fighting for ur free money anywhere,anymore

  4. Why didn't you use influence to get GEJ to develop the Niger Delta? Why ranting now

  5. Did GEJ not grant these people amnesty? what did they do with it
    criminals everywhere