Thursday, January 12, 2017

Oh Dear! Eva Alordiah Replies Fan Who Called Her "Lord Of The Rings"

Musician Eva Alordiah took has replied a fan who called her out for not getting married after one year of being engaged to her longtime boyfriend Caeser. Eva however didn;t find the Lord of the rings quote funny and went for the fan. Read what she wrote below...


  1. serves the stupid hand fan right...monkey

    1. Thanks for this service comment. Nothing more than hand fan.

  2. Too long a response. The nosey fan got to her and she unwittingly let the world know.

  3. Thats nice of her to defend her man. And wrong of the fan. I am sure the fan aint engaged or married yet. And one as to be careful these days with marriages, before news breaks that it crumbled in one year or less.